Monday, August 25, 2008

Washing cats

So the boys are all finished their medication and Orion's white coat was starting to look at little brown... Oh no! This means I got to give the cats a bath!

However, the event went well. Akiba and Orion must be getting used to the drill cause I only got complained at lots by Akiba (the water was too cold) and Orion only tried to put holes in me once.

But now they are clean and dry and fresh smelling. Ah nothing like a cuddle with a sweet smelling buddle of fur. I really must get photos of them wet, damn cameraless! So I promise ... just not today.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Morning hugs

My boys are still babies; Orion is now 7 months and Akiba just under 5 months old. They would rather play then get a hug. Most of the time they sleep where they want, that is not in bed with mummy and daddy.

However, this morning I got a shock as I went to roll to turn off the alarm, Akiba yowled at me! With good reason, cause I had just tried to flatten him! The little bugger had curled into my back sometime in the night and slept there. Being yelled at stopped me quick smart and Akiba forgave me by lightly clawing me in the back.

To even further my surprise daddy pointed out that Orion was on the bed, he had curled up between daddy's legs and lucky I did not wake him up. But there was now a conundrum, how do you get out of bed without waking the teddy bear or upsetting the sleeping jungle cat?

Answer: You dont, go back to sleep for another 30 minutes.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another visit to the vet

I am soo frustrated at our old vet right now.

Our new vet is wonderful and has gathered all the vaccination records together (as she is Orion's 4th vet!) and has found out that there are inconsistancies with his records >.< Apparently he is not as fully vaccinated as I thought.

This has now also been proven in a major way as he has gotten an eye condition that he should have not have gotten if he had been fully vaccinated!

Akiba got a case of it last week and went to the vets on Wednesday, he's been on a paste anibiotic and has cleared right up, he has not finished his needles yet so we were not too suprised. So we were very supprised on Sunday when Orion's eyes started weeping. The vet was closed on the Sunday but a call this morning got him in right away at 9.40am.

As always the new vet was great and his is now on the paste as well (fingers crossed that his eyes clear up just as fast).

Once this has cleared up Orion will be making a trip back to the vet to finish up his vaccinations, and hopefully this will never happen again!

RSPCA Cupcake Day!

Today is the RSCPA CupCake Day!

Yesterday my sister and I baked 270 cupcakes and are aiming to make $500 (including dontations)