Thursday, October 16, 2008

Akiba's Day out

So yesterday Brett was out the front hosing the car down after some dirty rain, and Akiba was crying at the window ... I decided that he has not been out for a while so I would take him outside to his dad. But since we were at the front of the house and not the back I did not want him to just run around!

Hope you enjoy the photos ^^

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Out of season weather we are having at the moment. It should be hot humid and only a little clouds in the sky as we lead up to the wet season here (monsoon season for other people). But over the last two weeks we have been having storms! Then last night I think we had the biggest one yet at 5.30 across the whole of Darwin. I did not get any photos of the storm, but I did get a cool photo as we were driving home. Looks like a tidal wave, very cool!

Orion does not like the rain, but Akiba keeps trying to break out so he can play in it. I think he's just happy that there is soo much water about at the moment. It will be fun once the real season gets here, and we can take Akiba to play in the puddles. But somehow I cannot see Orion puting his danty paw near it.