Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update on perm

While I dont have a photo I do have an impression of Akiba! Please enjoy ^^

After a thread on Bengal Forum and a chat to my vet it seems that the perm is not an issue or an indication of anything wrong with Akiba! I feel a great relief!

On Bengal forum I learnt that other bengals do get his type of crinkley fur but Akiba seems to have an extreme case of it, mostly it seems to do with water in other Bengals. Since Akiba can have up to three showers a day, not including when I fill the basin with water for him... He gets wet quite a lot! Also living in a extreme tropical climate with humidity that can get up to 70% very easily this time of year prob does not assist with his drying. And I might add that he gets taken outside into the rain so he can play cause he love to try and catch rain drops (hrm maybe I should take the camera out next time!). So it probably more of a suprise to see him dry!

I did try an experiment where I kept him away from water, but this lasted about 30 seconds as he started yowling when he was denied access to water when he is used to it and with other people in the house there was no way I could control the environment.

Finally, a chat with the vet revealed it could be related to anything. But that since he was in perfect health and a juvenile just to let it go and see how it develops over the coming months. He's not due for his yearly injection for another six months so she will take a careful look at it then if its still around.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Akiba has a perm?

Lately Akiba's fur seems to have gotten a perm ...  If you look close at the photo you can see there is a crinkle in his fur ... Is this normal for Bengals?  I cannot find anothing about it on the internet and while its not life threatening it just seems a little odd.  But then Akiba has always been a little odd.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Photo update!

Okay so I am slack .. but its a true Australian tradition of procrastination ... Anyway here are some cute photos from the last couple of months.

Akiba definetly enjoyed Christmas, he found that the Christmas tree was a great place to sleep in about half way up, and now the tree has a slight lean to it.

Also Akiba and Orion found that all that paper covering presents was a waste not to play with, in the end I had to re-wrap a few presents before they were handed out!

Also while I had time off for Christmas Akiba would come and keep me company. He would sneak around the back of my tower and make his way through the mess and cables and then sort of appear behind my monitors. He would never notice me in all this, for I was merely in the way of his exploration and nap. But when I gave him a few pats he never seemed to complain ... too much :P

This one was taken in the new year. And who can resist a big fat kitty tummy, it just needs to be rassberried!

Orion also decided to help me out when my computer was having problems earlier this year. I was using a spare computer for parts and having to take pieces out to do some testing when he could not help himself but had to come and see what I was doing.

He was much help with moving the cables around but a good boy and only wanted to supervise rather then getting a hands on ^^. Though the computer might have needed a can of air after he was done laying on it!

Continuing his love of comptuers, whenever there is a laptop laying around he cannot help himself but to layon it even when its open and on! ^^;

One night I got bored and had my camera in hand. So I got Orion to pose with a few teady bears, its a good indication of just how small he really is. Though I think his lengh really gives him away! He's just soo long, but soo insanly cute as ever ^^.