Thursday, September 25, 2008

3rd Place Ribbon

Playful morning bengals do not like posing >.< But he looks cute anyway.

But in the photo Akiba is being held by his daddy, who is sleepy in the morning and trying to hold onto a cat that does not want to be held, and with his 3rd place ribbon.

I hope people like and if we ever get the other two ribbons I will try and get him to pose with all three.

Last night I got a call from a friend to pass me onto another friend who is interesed in Munchkins. I am not sure how she heard about them (I will ask later of course) but she had not seen any photos of Orion or even met him! So I gave her a bunch of information about the breed and told her to come over and visit sometime. I am sure that meeting Orion will convince her that Munchkins are the best, if of course she does not get swept away by meeting Akiba ... Cause bengals rock too ;P

Otherwise, thank god it's Friday!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bengal wee problem!

So in the last few weeks Akiba has been peeing in places other then his litter box ... The first time he did it on a cushion in the living room, but as it was the first time he was forgiven and it was written off as him just needing to go in a hurry. Then a few week later he later peed there again! But we checked the litter box this time and decided that it had not been clean enough, our bad.

Then last week week I decided the boys were big enough (and with the weather getting hotter and wanting the aircon on all night) they did not need access to the litter box during the night. Sigh, got woken up at 6.30am by kitten peeing on the bed. Again my fault baby is forgiven.

But the killer is last night, a week later he peed on the bed again! The litter tray was clean and the door to the litter was open so I dont know why he did it this time >.<>.< Oh well I think we are just going to have to cross our fingers and hope that he learnt his leason.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Show Day Wrap-up

An early start for the cat show, but I had prepared everything the day before so all was left to do was get ready and gather the kitties.

As always they complained in the car... Orion is teaching Akiba bad habits so now Akiba cannot do on a car trip without meowing the whole time too.

But once we arrived they were quiet, while OH lined up for the vet check I ran around getting curtains and finishing up the cages. Orion had white curtains and his baby blue rug, Akiba had bright purple cutains with a yellow pooh bear rug.

After they were vet checked into the cages they went. Akiba was pretty good about it all. Sort of did a walk around, then looked at me to let me know he was not impressed and then sat down with a humpf. Orion was most unimpressed as well but gave me a heartbreaking look then hid under his blanket.

I chatted and walked around, then the judging started and my nerves went crazy. I had fears of Akiba going nuts and clawing the judges and Orion being treated badly as the judges would not know what to do with a Munchkin!

But as the day wore on the judges looked over my boys and nothing went wrong. The judges were very nice to Orion and took the time to talk about the Munchkin as a breed while they were looking at him. Akiba did not scratch anyone! Though I do have to say he yollwed the whole time he was being handled, but thats just him. One of the judges took the time to explain to the crowed that while it sounds agressive, it's not and he is just talking. It's nice when people understand your cat.

After then judging I just wanted to take the boys and go home, it felt like the day had gone forever and I was exhursted. But the show must go on ... After chatting to people who were interested in Bengals and Munchkins for what seemed like hours (and it probably was) they had the results!

Akiba came up all three times! I dont know a lot about cat shows but they were three judges and they were in what they call rings. Anyway out of 20ish kittens Akiba ranked 5th, 3rd, 5th! Which was really exciting! So we waited around for the award presentation which seemed to take forever to start! But finally they awards were given and while they could not pronounce his name Akiba seemed to know he was being talked about and everytime I went up he seemed to be watching me.

Special note Best Cat in the Show was a entire Bengal male.

After all the awards were give we gathered up the babies and headed home. There was an afternoon tea but I was exhursted and just wanted to get the babies out of the cages. I felt pretty bad about even putting them in the cages. But once we got home the boys were fine and showed no signs of complaint.

My sister is now keen to enter her domestic into the next show, so I will prob do it again at least one more time. My boys are most definetly pets first but it's nice that other people appreciate them for the wonderful cats they are.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A show date!

So the boys and I are getting organised for the weekend! We are going to the local cat show! First I have to bath the boys and make them all pretty ... easier then it sounds. And gather all their stuff together for the day out. Lucky that the big day is not until Sunday and we have 2 days to get it all done. But since it's the first show for both them and myself I want to be super organised!

Orion has been getting some attension, first he made a mention on the small poster that been handed around and then in the community newspaper he got a mention "Two breeds will make their debut at the cat show this Sunday. The Munchkin is a relatively new breed with unually short legs. They're usually raised as an indoor cat but are adept at climing and jumping" squee! The club have also done an excellent little write up about the breed to go on his cage and if he's premitting he will come out and meet people once or twice during the day. I just hope he taking this all in his normal stride.
Everyone has been very positive about bring him in even though he cannot compete at the moment (they have to recognise Munchkins as a breed in the club first) but I think they just all want to meet him in person. He should be able to compete next show which will be fun. Akiba is also going to compete! There is a worry, but I have spoken to serveral ladies who show Bengals and they have said there is no issues with them attacking the judges hehe.
OH is going to take heaps of photos on the day so I will post some up after and report to how it all went.