Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sleepy Akiba

All the rain this weekend has made Akiba a sleepy cat~

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Long lost photos

So chatting with my sister yesterday and she found these cute photos I just had to share~

I assure you he is just sleeping and has not been replaced by a stuffed toy lol

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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Akiba is so hard to photo cause as soon as you point something at him at close range he wants to know what it is. To add difficulty to this photo he is in the cupboard and I am holding both my phone and a tourch to give some light. It took a few tries but I finally got a photo I was happy with!

Hope you enjoy

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Monday, November 23, 2009

A new challenage!

Lets see if I can keep my blog up-to-date with a new post every fortnight!

To get the ball rolling here is my newest photos of cutie pie Orion! Having an adventure in the grass. Comments by Brett.

Hunter in the grass ... well fluffy tubby hunter

Hunter attacking unsuspecting tree who failed to run away

After all that attacking, hunter is resting under defeated tree

Hunter is angry that description insinuates that he couldn't hurt a fly

Sunday, April 12, 2009


As soon as we had checked out of Disney I had a day of Sakura planned! We went to the Imperial Palace East Garden and sat under a Sakura tree for a while, when continued on along the walk way near and found many trees in perfect blossom!

There were more colours of Sakura then I was expecting!

I finally got Brett to pose for a picture, he was too busy taking photos of them :P

A walk way with Sakura all around is incredibly beautiful~

A random business man took a group photo for us.

Then we headed into Roppongi for the night!

Most to check out Roppongi Hills the the great view ^^ And the great juice bar at the top!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Disney

I do like the carrosel in DisneySea, its very pretty. And after a long day at the park I got to chill out in the private lounge enjoying wine and sultanas soaked in controu and then covered in white chocolate! YUM~

In the morning we enjoyed watching the practice for the special show for later in the month from our room ^^

Then caught the train to DisneyLand!

It was still crazy busy as DisneyLand even for a Monday! But included with our speciale room we had passes to get straight into the park with a private cue ^^

That is us waving as we walk past the others into the park~ As always there was great decorations for the celebration.

And I had to get a photo with the ride considering I was wearing the bandanna!

Also we had our first close up of Sakura!

A full day in the park was over before we knew it and it was time to check out the next day, but a late check-out let us enjoy the hotel before we left.

Our private lobby for check-in and out.

Then we met up with everyone else in the main lobby!

The front of the hotel is also pretty cool!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We have landed in Japan!

As we are leaving the airport we are already lucky enough to see Sakura (cherry blossoms!

After catching a short nap on the bus we arrived at Disney!

The lobby of the hotel was pretty awesome! And they even had a special promotion on tickets were we could get park-hoppers for both days which I have never heard of at Tokyo Disney (I am not sure if this was limited to hotel guests though I did not see it advertised else where in the park)

First up we hit disneysea and got fast passes for Journey to the center of the earth and then queued for Raging Spirts. At 3pm we got to check into our hotel rooms ^^ The private check-in had a great view

The room beautiful and the view was excellent.

More to come, as its bedtime now!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

At Changi Airport

UPDATE: Photos added!

So I cannot upload any photos at this moment cause my cable is in my checked luggage...  But a quick summary of what we have been up to is all I'll do at the moment and then I'll add photos later when I get a chance.

Well I tried to sleep in this morning but my sister seems to be a morning person >.<>

We had no real plan for today, except to visit Chinatown at some point ^^  So we just were tossing around ideas and went for a walk.  What we ended up doing was heading to Singapura Shopping Centre (I dont think the names right ...)   And shopping and playing for a few hours, its quiet a cool shopping in places that have intresting shops!  Not that I brought much .. Just a One Piece model of the boat Sunny!!

Afterwards we finaly headed to Chinatown once the hotest part of the day had passed and did some more shopping ...  I really see why Singapore is well known for the shopping its hard not to with some really cute stuff and great bargins ^^

Though we walked around lots its was a pretty chill day, which is good cause we have a night flight to Tokyo now, and tomorrow we are heading to DisneySea!

Well as the gaets are opened and I have to go!  See you all on the flip side!

Friday, April 3, 2009

So far in Singapore

We touched down later then expected into Changi Airport, after a scare or two with our airplane running into the wake of other airplanes! I did not see much of the airport but I am sure I will have time to check it out tonight ^^

The taxi into Singapore was nice and quick and we arrived at our hostel with no problems. If you want some where simple and interesting to stay while in Singapore I recommend Hangout@mtEmily its been good stay and the desk has been really helpful.

After we arrived we were too excited to sleep so we went into Little India to have a long around and found some chicken rice ^^ The chicken rice was cheap and tasty, all that we wanted at that time of night.

The next morning we headed off to the zoo! Aaron tells me he's trying to look ghey in this photo :P

I think everyone says this; THE ZOO IS AWESOME!
We feed the elephants ^^ It took a while for me to convince Brett and Aaron to do this with me but I think they had fun in the end ^^

We managed to catch a lot of the animal feedings ^^ Elephants, Graffs, Lepords, Polar bears!

The baby giant turtles are soo cute! nom nom nom~

Aaron was extremely happy when we saw the white tigers, but sad when we did not stay to see them get feed, and kept offering to throw a small child to them just make them happy lol.

After the zoo we caught a taxi to Orchard Road and headed to Neeg Ann City! It was like being in little Tokyo ^^ We did not do too much shopping ... Next on the list Bugis Junction, my mission was to find the three lastest volumes of Love Attack but I only found 2! Even the other bookshop did not have the volume :( But I got Monkey High instead ^^

After a rest at our hostel, Aaron, Brett and I headed into town to see the city at night ^^ (Carmen and John piked :P) We did a walk around and saw the sights.

Then we went off to the Singapore Flyer which was pretty awesome, and I even managed not to have a panic attack due to the hight ^^

A view down from the top that Aaron took.

A view out, the night lights were very pretty!

Then home again home, bed.