Friday, June 27, 2008

Crazy couple of months

So shortly after Orion arrived my life went a bit crazy! We had to unexpectedly move house and of course there was the yearly trip to Sydney in the middle (for work). But because we had to move from our unit we got a house! And could now have more than one little munchkin!

To be honest I am a late convert to the Bengal breed. My husband had been very keen on the Bengal for a long while and I have never been sure about taking on such a cat. However, when Orion seemed lonely and really enjoyed staying with my sister and play with her cats (while we were in Sydney) and we did not have enough time to spend with him as we worked full-time, it was decided that we would get a second cat.

I was still very unsure if a Bengal would be a good choice with Munchkin but I chatted to some people on a forum about it and one lady had successfully had both Bengals and ragdolls together (ragdolls are very similar in temperament to a munchkin).

I got the name of the two breeders she had chosen and contacted them, one of them did not think the Bengal was the right breed for me (maybe I seemed too unsure myself), however Jane from has been great. She really took the time to talk to me about the Bengal breed and I feel in love. She has been wonderful and supportive with all my questions and pestering and I don’t think I would have gotten a Bengal in the end if not for her love of the breed.

I have watched Akiba grow up from when he was three weeks old and fallen for him with his inquisitive nature and playfulness. Now with less than a week to go until he comes home for good, I know I have made the right choice and the two boys are going to get along like a house on fire.

We are all settled into our new house and just cannot wait to bring Akiba home next Friday!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Orion's first few days

Just some short stories about Orion from the first few days.

Before we got Orion I was on the phone to Sharon and she said that he was a talker and boy was she right. My little munchkin likes to chat, if he knows people are home but cannot see them he will call out to us. We normally just chat back to us until he finds us and then he is all good. He does not chat much when he is with us, unless we are playing and he getting annoyed at us for teasing him.

But I have noticed that he has this habit of being very vocal before he goes to the littler box and then after he finishes. I just assume it’s him wanting to tell me what a good boy he is. Does anyone else cat do something like that?

Also considering how tiny he is, he loves to follow us about the house, especially when he’s in a playful mood, but every so often, when we don’t see him, he ends up tripping us. He’s not seemed any worse off for it, but last night my husband did it for the first time and freaked out. Straight away he pick up Orion and hugs him, I wish I had my camera cause they looked so cute together!

And final story, the other day when I picked up Orion I was thinking that he weight was jut nothing, like a feather. So being curious I took him to the kitchen and put him in the kitchen scales, the weight was 1.1kg!

But that was a few days ago and with the amount of food he’s been putting away I think it probably gone up already!

Orion's first day at home

So after five weeks of waiting Orion finally arrived! He was one cool cucumber, I was more freaked out about him flying then he was. He was just chilling out in his cage when we picked him up and when I put the cat carrier on my lap for the trip home, and just chatted to him and petted him through the tiny holes he was smooching me right back.

The only hiccup we had was that he would not eat! He used the kitty litter and would drink the pet milk but not touch any of the food I put out for him. On the second day I emailed the breeder and found out that he's fave food was kangaroo mince, so we got some of that he ate it right up!

We kept feeding him the mince but leaving dry biscuts out and then yesterday he finally ate some biscuts! Its very sad how happy I was about that hehe.

Introducing Orion!

Orion is my baby! He's nickname really is baby.

Since I live in Darwin, Australia I really do think that I am the only one in my city that owns a Munchkin. Because of this most people ask me why do I own a munchkin or how did I find out about them.

Well its a short story; my husband loves to watch youtube and often shows me interesting things he comes across. He shows me a cat video once that had a munchkin in it and I feel in love! The breed is soo cute!

So I went to find out everything I could about the breed and made sure that the dwarfism did not cause any health problems. Then I had to search out for breeders, of course there were none locally but I was lucky enough in my internet reasearch I had come across a number of breeders in Australia!

I sent out inquiries and my luck held as I met Sharon from Shazzal Munchkins in Brisbane. She had a little blue point boy that I just feel in love with his photo! (See above) Little did I know that cats have breeding seaons and the lastest one was in full swing!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I have created a blog for my cute and crazy cats! I believe that the Munchkin is a wonderful breed that is misunderstood by the general public. So my aim is to dedicated this site to my strange and unique car!