Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A visit to the vet

A bit of background, when I first got Orion I took him to my sister's vet as she said they were very good and when she had mentioned that her sister (me) was getting a munchkin the vet was wanting to see it. So we booked in and went to the vet. However, when we got there while the receptionist was very nice but the vet did not seem to like Orion (different vet from the one my sister normal goes to as its a fairly major animal hospital) but I think she was more into dogs and just not into cats in general but made me feel a bit weird about having a pet that was brought up from down south.

A side note, because Darwin is mostly a dog city, and people who do have cats tend to let them out during the day. So the general level of vaccination recommended is higher here in Darwin and Orion needed to be brought up to speed so he needed three visits to the vet.

But we went back for the next injection and got a different vet, this vet was nicer and liked cats in general, however when I mentioned at the end of the visit I was getting a Bengal as well, I got a look like I was from another planet... Maybe because both of my cats are considered designer cats? Was not a nice feeling.

By the time Orion was due his thrid injection we were staying with my mother-in-law due to moving and I did not want to take Orion back to that vet ... So we went to a different vet close by and it was great! They had heard of Munchkins before and really liked Orion and were very friendly. However, they are very far away (40 minute drive) from our new house and Orion really hate being in the car.

Anyway there is a small vet around the corner from our new house and Akiba needed his next injection. Since my sisters cats had been sick we decided to take Orion to the vet as well to get a check up. I could not make it as I had to be at work but OH took the cats and just called to give me an update.

The verdict is in and they are great! The vet knows of Munchkins and has seen Bengals before! From what my husband said the receptionist wanted to adopt Orion and thought Akiba was great. The vet really liked both cats and was very helpful chatting to OH about Orion (he's fine!) and even was good about giving Akiba his injection that he did not want >.< She was not able to take his temp though as he just was very vocal about that!

All that just to say I really like my new vet! But after the first difficulties I just cannot say how happy I am to have a good vet who likes my cats. Akiba needs to go back for another injection and when he does we will prob just take Orion down for a visit.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Getting along

So it was a long weekend with Orion really not liking Akiba, but now the dust has settled and they are becoming fast friends.

Akiba has been a wonder, what an amazing little guy! He is like a little spring ready to leap and play with anything in site. He is soo much more amazine to look at and a photo cannot do him justice! Though he is getting prettier and prettier as he comes more out of the fuzzies each day.

He also loves water! Its soo cute but he actually jumps in the shower and plays with the water ^^ However this means I have had to dry him every night ...

I have some really great photos but I have not taken them off the camera yet! I will get on to it soon and share ^^

Friday, July 4, 2008

A big day for Akiba and Orion

I did get some photos yesterday but they were with my sisters camera and that needs a card reader to get the photos off ...

Akiba is going well. Orion is not taking the new kitten very well I know that it will take him a little while to adjust to the new kitten but I cannot help but to be surprised by how much Orion seems to dislike Akiba. I have been a bit heartbroken that his new dislike is very much extending to me. I feel like such a bad person right now.

At the moment he is hissing at everything that has Akiba’s smell, for example I put Akiba’s blanket near his favourite sleeping place under the couch and he just hates it and hisses! He even hissed at me when I went to pick him up and this was after I showered and changed to remove the kitten’s smell. So cuddles are not happening and he even did not want to eat last night. I had to sit with him for thirty minutes and convince him that he wanted to eat his dinner even though the new kitten was not anywhere near!

We are giving both of them time to adjust and keep telling Orion how much we love him and that the new kitten is a friend for him to play with. But I am just soo worried about Orion! Though he is currently sleeping happily in the computer room with me (at the other end of the desk mind you) while Akiba and OH are playing in the living room.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Akiba Arrives Today!

I just got a phone call from Jane! Akiba has been dropped off at the airport! So now only a few house until he arrives! I am just soo excited and cannot wait to see him.

Its been ages since I saw him last (6 weeks I think) in Sydney. We could only drop over for an hour while we were in Syndey city for work but it was great to meet both Akiba and Jane. However he did not seem to like us when we met and all of the other kittens came up to us to say hi. This has made me really nervous as the general advice I have heard is that you should let the kitten pick you. But Brett has not waviered in his confidence that he wanted that little boy so we are waiting for him with antipation.

We got a few photos of him from Jane last week I should share, I cannot believe how much he has grown! And even though I have seen his parents I am still nervous about how big he will get.

Deep breaths, everything is going to be fine. I just am stressing myself out over little things.

(breath in, breath out.)

Okay feeling better and way excited again!