Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Disney

I do like the carrosel in DisneySea, its very pretty. And after a long day at the park I got to chill out in the private lounge enjoying wine and sultanas soaked in controu and then covered in white chocolate! YUM~

In the morning we enjoyed watching the practice for the special show for later in the month from our room ^^

Then caught the train to DisneyLand!

It was still crazy busy as DisneyLand even for a Monday! But included with our speciale room we had passes to get straight into the park with a private cue ^^

That is us waving as we walk past the others into the park~ As always there was great decorations for the celebration.

And I had to get a photo with the ride considering I was wearing the bandanna!

Also we had our first close up of Sakura!

A full day in the park was over before we knew it and it was time to check out the next day, but a late check-out let us enjoy the hotel before we left.

Our private lobby for check-in and out.

Then we met up with everyone else in the main lobby!

The front of the hotel is also pretty cool!

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